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Efficient Energy Distribution | Legrand Indonesia

Efficient Energy Distribution

Legrand's green solutions enable efficient energy distribution in industry, allowing management and control. 

energy efficiency

Green Transformer

The latest amendment to the European Commission’s Ecodesign Directive outlines the parameters transformers must adhere to in order to meet efficiency requirements, detailing the maximum load and no-load losses a transformer can record.

The European Commission estimates that as much as 2.5 per cent of all energy consumed by the EU is wasted through transformer losses. In line with the directive’s requirements, Legrand Green T.HE transformers ensure a consistent reduction in energy consumption, resulting in financial savings, and a decrease of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere.

Green Busbar

Green Busbar

The busbar is the most modern solution for the distribution and transport of electrical energy in 3 different segments, Low, Medium and High of power, it is also particularly suitable in rising main applications within buildings used for the service sector (banks, insurance, airports, commercial headquarters, skyscrapers, hospitals, data centers).

energy efficiency

Power Factor Correction

An electrical installation, with alternating current, comprising receivers such as transformers, motors, or any other receivers whose intensity is out of phase with the voltage, consumes reactive energy.
By supplying reactive power on demand, capacitor banks enable the subscriber to:

  • Increased power available at distribution transformers.

  • Optimization of the contract of electrical subscriptions.

  • The limitation of the energy losses in cables by Joule effect.

  • Avoidance of penalties applied by the energy provider (or benefit from bonuses applied in some countries).

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