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After Sales

Technical Services

Testing and Commissioning

Our Service Engineers conduct rigorous site tests and full setting-up of the Panel and UPS system before going live. They also perform site acceptance tests according to your requirements. After the final handing over of the UPS system, a Test and Commissioning report is delivered to you.



Power Quality Audit

The Power Quality Audit (PQA), is a service by Legrand that checks the reliability, efficiency and safety of an electrical system.
Our method are using dedicated network analyzersto detect abnormality inside an electrical network and record those parameters to be analysed by our engineer, who can then diagnose the situation and give some actionable improvement suggestions.



Preventive Maintenance

Electronic equipment and power systems, such as UPS, Panel, Busbar, and Cast Resin Transformers contain life-limited components and parts that must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s specifications. To ensure optimal performance and to protect your critical application from potential downtime, it is crucial to perform preventive maintenance operations on a regular basis and replace parts when needed. Our Service Contracts include cleaning, IR thermography, measurements, functional tests, event log and power quality analysis, battery health check, hardware and software upgrades, and technical reports. A Preventive Maintenance Plan is one of the most cost-effective actions that can preserve your initial investment and ensure your business continuity.