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Trias | Legrand Indonesia

Heavy Duty Cable Management System

Suitable for most Industrial needs, Trias Cable Ladder and Cable Tray have been designed to meet most of the Industrial needs


More than just accessories

Our cable tray accessories has been designed to meet the most demanding load capacity and still considering about the installation
Zn-Al-Mg CHDG technology

Versatile Lightweight Solutions for On - Site Fabrication

Zn-Al-Mg CHDG technology will protect the cut edge of straight bodies which have been modified to make fittings. In some cases, corrosion might appear on the cut edge for the first time but the zinc layer will slowly protect the cut edge exposure
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Project References

In one of our biggest project ever with around $4.5M Cable Ladder sold in this project, our weldless Ladder H-100 have won the competition against other solutions.