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Mallia Senses™ | Legrand Indonesia

Mallia Senses™, a breath of fresh air

More aesthetic, more elegant, more functional, Mallia Senses™ enables you to fully express your creativity and style. Symbol of lightness, thin and sleek, the new Mallia Senses™ range is a breath of fresh air. Each object is a beautiful whole unto itself. Mallia Senses™, let your desire for elegance soar. Viewed from the front or in profile, the Mallia Senses™ range minimalism and lightness capture the eye.

mallia senses

Absolutely pure, without artifice

The minimalist design of this new range pleases from the first glance. The profile of the switch sketches a light curve, soft to the touch and easy on the eye. The range is distinguished by its flat design and unique slimness.

mallia senses

A breath of elegance

Unleash your creativity with Mallia Senses™ and compose an interior that suits you with its palette. Each element is available in three textures and seven colors. Want to give a touch of sparkle to your interior? Brushed Aluminium or Dark Bronze is a great choice. But what if you prefer a perfect integration? Try Dark Silver or Champagne.

mallia senses

A breath of simplicity

The simplicity you’ve been waiting for, without compromise. The Mallia Senses™ range is as easy to install as it is to use. The Mallia Senses™ range has a robust metal frame and a flush, easy-to-clip wall plate for perfect aesthetics. The advantage: no buckling or misalignment.

mallia senses

A breath of versatility

The USB charger socket combines a standard socket with the convenience of USB charging: your device plugs straight into the USB port, leaving the standard socket free. No more bulky adapters or juggling with chargers. Equipped with two different USB charging ports, Type-A and Type-C. With USB Type-C making its way onto our mobile devices, you are prepared for tomorrow – today.

mallia senses

Seven finishes, stunning possibilities

Matt Black: bold and uncompromising, it gives a natural velvet look / Dark Bronze: an ideal choice to embrace the vintage style of a loft or artist’s studio / Brushed Black: adds a touch of sophistication / Brushed Aluminium: incredibly versatile / Dark Silver / Champagne / Matt White.

mallia senses

Mallia Senses™, a sense of hospitality

Offer your guests a warm welcome and effortless control of their comfort. Room service can announce itself in a friendly manner with the doorbell button. The customer indicates whether or not they wish to have their room cleaned with the “Do Not Disturb/Make Up Room“ switch. With a simple touch on this touch-sensitive thermostat, your guests can adjust the temperature of their room for perfect comfort.


Mallia Senses™

A breath of fresh air