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busbar monoblock


With XCP-S, the design and installation of the power distribution line become simple and fast. In order to facilitate and reduce the installation time, the elements are supplied with a monobloc pre-installed at the factory and the connections between them are keyed, which ensures installation of the components in the correct position.
busbar with software


To guarantee a fast and accurate service to its customers, Legrand has developed PSZ, a proprietary software* for the development and creation of projects with busbar trunking.
fire resistance legrand indonesia

Fire resistance

In installations where there is a high risk of fire (due to a high number of people or the presence of large quantities of potential combustible material and/or expensive equipment), the XCP-S Busbar trunking system solution can provide technical advantages. Thanks to the low fire load of the Busbar, the safety of the building is much improved. XCP-S has been fire resistance tested in accordance with the IEC 60331-1 standard.