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Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

From temperature and air quality to humidity and sound levels, your Netatmo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor sends you all the information you want to know about your home environment directly to your smartphone. View your data history to track the evolution of the different parameters and receive real-time alerts when your environment changes. Air indoors can be up to five times more polluted than outdoors, so it's important to know when a room needs to be aired! The Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor helps create a healthy environment for you and your family, for greater comfort, improved sleep, and optimised productivity.

Receive alerts in real time and take action if an intruder trespasses your property

Smart Outdoor Camera

"Protect your property! The Smart Outdoor Camera immediately alerts you if an intruder or vehicle enters your property.

Be alerted directly on your smartphone in case of intrusion on your property by a person or a vehicle.
Unlike traditional cameras that inform you as soon as a movement is detected, the Smart Outdoor Camera distinguishes people, cars and animals. "

siren netatamo

Smart Indoor Siren

Leave your home with peace of mind. With the Smart Indoor Siren, complete your Smart Indoor Camera and get a security system that detects intruders but also scare them away.