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Transforming spaces where students learn

Educational spaces for students must be conducive to facilitate the comfort of the activities, provide security, adapt to the new needs of young children and adults who use this space for many hours during the day and even the afternoon/evening. Legrand has a complete solution of distribution and management of energy, protection, automation and flexibility that elevate the conditions of educational spaces.


Legrand Solutions for Educational Spaces

​Every school needs well-designed spaces with the necessary connections: power and charging for students, outdoor power solutions, in-wall outlets and lighting control solutions.

Facility teams, teachers and administrators depend on these solutions to increase engagement, enhance classrooms and create an optimal learning environment for every student. Whether you need electrical solutions for a single classroom or lighting across the entire campus, Legrand has a comprehensive line of solutions for educational spaces.

We also have a wide range of code-compliant education products that comply with different sustainability standards and codes. Explore power, data and lighting for higher ed campuses, schools and other educational spaces. With Legrand, you can customize your solution and have the entire building covered.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Create an engaging and personalized experience for students, professors and school administrators with code-compliant lighting controls.

Whether it's for a single classroom or an entire campus, our lighting control solutions can create an engaging and personalized experience for students, professors and school administrators. Campus facilities will appreciate that our lighting controls are code compliant out-of-the-box and easily integrate into new or existing buildings.

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Flexibility in the classroom

The different spaces of the educational centers must be adapted for the day-to-day. Legrand has multiple power access options designed for multiple spaces. Outlets can be installed on desks, walls, meeting rooms, open spaces, etc. 

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Safety and signage

Complying with safety standards for evacuation in educational spaces, including proper signage of emergency exits and emergency lighting in any situation. Legrand offers emergency luminaires that meet international standards and have automated maintenance and self-testing processes to optimize validation times and ensure safety.

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