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Responding to economical and environmental challenges

Tight construction schedules, tight budgets and unexpected changes require a technical infrastructure that is reliable, simple and quick to install. Maintenance and reconfiguration operations must be facilitated in malls to ensure a good level of service continuity. In addition to providing energy savings, integrated lighting can help drive sales.


Legrand, your competent partner

In a context of rapid globalisation and increasingly complex projects, the support of a reliable, competent partner is absolutely essential. Choosing the Legrand Group means the assurance of global expertise available at any time, throughout the world, via its network of professionals.

A vast choice of carefully designed products make up solutions which in turn form coherent systems incorporating the latest technological innovations.

Ideal for quick design changes

Ideal for quick design changes

Power distribution networks must adapt easily and quickly to new configurations. Cable management needs products that meet these requirements, combining ease of installation and flexibility, as well as ensuring the safety of the installation.

Ensuring continuity of service

Ensure power distribution from the input panel to the point of use. Intelligent solutions allow you to protect your installation, measure and control energy consumption, ensuring operation even in the absence of electricity.

energy effiency

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient lighting management systems ensure the exact amount of light, when and where it is needed. Likewise, energy measurement, control and monitoring systems offer you safety and cost savings, are sustainable and respect technical and environmental standards.

Ensuring people's safety

Guaranteed safety and comfort

Switches and switches with durability and other essential equipment to ensure safety and connectivity with products adapted for the spaces.

Emergency lighting and fire

Our solutions, which comply with environmental standards, are suitable for any type of installation and can be controlled remotely. 


Connecting Legrand ecosystem to 3rd party



Discover the documentation of all Legrand products that best suit your residential, commercial, industrial and other projects.

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energy efficiency legrand solutions

Energy Efficiency

Let's be part of the change together. We can build energy-efficient projects and reduce the impact on the environment. By choosing Legrand solutions, you are promoting the responsible use of energy.


reference projects

Our projects

Legrand has solutions for any kind of project. Discover here details about Legrand's reference projects related to all markets: hotels, data centers, hospitals, residential and more.


To enable you to respond to the economic and environmental challenges of today, Legrand will help you full filled specific requirements of the building’s infrastructure and of the shops. In this page, you will discover our solutions for malls. They all comply with environmental standards, will help you reduce the running costs and attract both shops and visitors and, above all, will optimize the customer experience.